About Us

We’re just meat-eaters with a dream.

V Burger was created by a small group of entrepreneurs, chefs, and restaurant professionals who care about the welfare of animals, the health of our environment, and the wellbeing of our communities. We didn’t set out to redefine what fast food is, or convert every person to being 100% vegan.

Our objective was to make plant-based options available to those who are looking for a quick bite in a lively atmosphere (ours or yours!) that satisfies even the most committed burger-lover. We want to make it easy and rewarding to make a more sustainable choice when deciding what and where to eat.

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So, let’s talk about what plant-based means to us.

First and most importantly, our goal has always been to make the kind of food we want to eat. Eating plant-based no longer has to feel like a sacrifice for the average meat-eater. Our sustainable twist on the classic burger joint feeds you without compromising on taste, one that contributes to a kinder, more sustainable environment for us all. Guilt-free fast food has never been more delicious or convenient.

Authentic flavours, handcrafted recipes.

Our burgers and other offerings are made for everyone, not just those who follow a plant-based diet because delicious is delicious. When developing our menu, we rolled up our sleeves and spent months making, tweaking, and eating every single item we offer. We start everything from scratch, we cook everything to order, and we work hard to ensure you are getting value for your dollar. Take some time to learn more about what goes into our food.

about our food
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