About the Food

We’re not like any other burger joint. And it shows.

What makes VBurger special? Well, apart from the plant-based menu, everything! Every item we serve is made in-house, nothing is frozen but the ice cream, and every recipe is developed by us to up both the flavour and the fun.

New to plant-based? Try any of our extraordinary burgers, breakfasts, bowls, or sammiches. Feeling adventurous? There are plenty of inventive options available to try something new! Don’t forget the fries –ours are fried to order, with just the right amount of salt and snap. Same with our tasty tots. Both are made to slide through a dippin’ sauce of your choice!

Food made in a kitchen Illustration

Food made in a kitchen, not a lab

Our menu was developed in a kitchen, not a lab. We spent months making, tweaking, and eating everything we offer. We didn’t rest until we were satisfied that you’d be satisfied.

High standards Illustartion

We have high standards

From day one, our commitment has been to our customers, not our bottom line. We use nutritious ingredients that feed your body, and deliver it in a messy, delicious burger that also feeds your soul. And isn’t that what food should do?

Plain delicious Illustration

Delicious is just plain delicious

The days of compromising are over. Real, authentic plant-based fast food is here. And it is way more delicious than you imagine.

Dipped Cones

We’re more than just burgers and fries. We’re pushing the envelope on what plant-based can be.

Finish your meal with the most delicious plant-based ice cream you can imagine! Try our vmix in a shake, sundae, cone, or take a pint home (and eat it out of the tub like you’re supposed to).

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Food allergies or sensitivities?
We try our best to cover all the bases.